Current Processing Time: 7-10 days

General – Please understand we are not responsible for items held/delayed or confiscated at receiving customs and any subsequent charges they may levy during the customs process. Deliveries misplaced, lost or delayed by the receiving customs are clearly not under the control of Crystaltimes and as such we have no responsibility for such matters.

Shipping Address – Please note that for our protection and yours we will only ship to your confirmed Paypal address.

Peak Post Times – Post delivery times at peak post times e.g. Christmas will be slower than normal. We ship out as fast as possible to reduce the total post time but please appreciate the huge volume of International Airmail at these times inevitably leads to longer postal service processing and ultimately delivery time. If you place a very time sensitive order during or just before a peak post period we suggest that you consider to use the EMS courier service that we offer.

Free Post Option – If you have chosen this FREE option orders normally take 12-20 days to receive depending on the destination as well as postal delivery services & customs procedures within your country. Shipping is from Hong Kong* using economy international airmail HK Post. There is proof of posting with this free post option and date of departure from Hong Kong. The Free Post Option is not available for all destinations e.g. USA Canada.

Epost –  This is a new E service fully supported by US Postal, Canada and many countries. If you have chosen this additional cost economy option with tracking your purchase will normally arrive in 12-20 days. You will be able to track it on your own countries postal website ( e.g. US POSTAL ) This economy service has full tracking capability for most countries particularly USA and Canada. We would strongly recommend this service to all my customers if you value tracking your item above saving a mere 3.95usd using the free post option. Epost service is a must if you are making a multiple high value purchase. If you require a faster expedited courier service you may consider to use EMS. Shipping is from Hong Kong*

Express Mail (EMS) – If you have chosen this additional cost option your purchase will normally arrive within 7 days. This service is generally chosen by buyers when a precise delivery time is very important or for multiple high value crystal purchases. A tracking number is provided. Shipping is from Hong Kong.*

Delivery Times – Times quoted above are based on our experience shipping worldwide for over 10 years and given in good faith. Please appreciate we cannot guarantee the precise time your purchase will arrive, there are a number of variables completely outside our control. We can guarantee however that your purchase will be shipped as soon as possible.

Countries we do not serve – Here at Crystaltimes we do not like to refuse an order to any destination. We have continually persevered in shipping to all destinations even when making a considerable loss. However when it becomes very clear that it is a completely fruitless exercise we have had to stop and take a time out. If you find you are unable to purchase due to your location I can advise you that the decision has been made purely on a commercial basis and has not been taken lightly. In some cases rather than stop shipping altogether we have restricted the postal service offered to EMS. We will continue to review the situation and make adjustments as conditions change in an effort not to restrict destinations where the customs procedures and internal postal delivery within that country has markedly improved.

Contact – Please feel free to contact us if you have any issue regarding shipping.

*In some cases shipping may be from the United Kingdom if this is the case you will be advised.