Responsible Modding


1. As time goes on do you find that you need to increase your spending to achieve the same enjoyment and excitement? Are you becoming consumed and preoccupied with past modding success?

2. After an unsuccessful mod, do you feel that you have to try and mod again as soon as possible to regain your confidence? In doing this would you increase your spending, indeed have no thought about how much you spend?
3. Have you recently tried to give up modding and failed?
4. Have you ever lost interest in your family, friends or pastimes due to modding or have you ever argued with friends or family about how much time and money you spend on modding?
5. Do you ever use modding as a way of ignoring stress in your life or to escape from what you might perceive to be a boring or unhappy life?
6. Is your modding a cause of stress and worry, which affects all aspects of your life?
7. Have others ever criticized your modding and have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money or time you spend modding?
8. Have you lied, stolen or borrowed in order to get money to mod with, or would you steal or commit an illegal act to raise money for your modding?
9. Has modding ever ruined a personal relationship or an occupational or educational opportunity? Have you ever stayed away from work, college or school to mod?
10. Do you mod alone for long periods or do you mod for longer than you thought you would?
11. Are you reluctant to spend ‘modding money’ on normal household expenditure?
12. Do you ever mod until you’ve run out of all your money?
13. Do you feel guilty if you mod and lose a lot of money?
14. Do you try to use modding as a source of income?
15. Does your modding make you want to escape your life to the extent of considering self harm?

Watch Modding is supposed to be fun and a form of entertainment bringing happiness and joy. However if you have answered ‘yes’ to a substantial number of the questions above, the likelihood is that you are having serious difficulties with your modding and we recommend you seek help.