Crystaltimes The Story – Scratching The Surface

I started my interest in watches 20 years ago collecting mainly Divers and Chronos from the 60’s and 70’s. As a mechanical engineer based in South China I came to realise that there were great opportunities to manufacture quality parts with the right factories. Personally knowing 300 plus factories over 20 years and having an in depth knowledge of working with them would be a solid foundation if I chose to produce parts myself.

Initially with no thought of going any further and as a 1 off I produced a very small quantity of vintage crystals for watches in my own collection as many of them had an annoying chip or scratch. A few crystals were surplus to my requirements so I decided to advertise them – they sold literally within minutes. After receiving an avalanche of requests for more crystals I produced 3 models and after 1 year the range was up to 50 with a focus not only on vintage models but also the more modern models such as the Seiko SKX007.

In just 3 years Crystaltimes has established itself as a crystal specialist embracing the social networks and being the place to go for Seiko Sapphire Crystals. We are constantly bringing out new models and variants regularly taking comments from our customers and turning them into production crystals. Crystaltimes has also expanded it's product line into Cases, Casebacks, Bezels, Bezel Inserts, Crowns, Chapter Rings, Dials, Movements, and other associated metal parts. Our goal is to create a place for you to get everything you need under one roof to build your dream mod!

We are indeed just “scratching the surface” and will continue to extend our product range, and give you the best possible customer service experience. Whether you are buying 1 part or 100 we will give you the very best service we possibly can – give us a try and you will not be disappointed.

In March of 2019, Crystaltimes was proud to announce that we opened up shop in California, USA to service United States, Canada, and Mexico customers! Opening up shop in the US has allowed Crystaltimes products to reach your front door step faster then ever before. We look forward to supplying you with the highest of quality watch mod parts, and best customer service around. Thank you for visiting Crystaltimes! Feel free to contact us anytime, or connect with us on social media.